We present

  • The Uppercut

    This is a gourmet coffee

  • The Crochet

    This is a good-morning coffee

  • The Direct

    This is an Ethiopia-in-suit coffee.

  • The Crochet Cialda

    Fusion of art and technology, inspiration and knowledge

  • 1. hug

    Prva hrvatska ljubavna kava

  • Moka @Home

    It would be a shame to add sugar into this cup

  • Espresso @Home

    Espresso made from this coffee variety leaves no one indifferent

  • Filter @Home

    This coffee was made to be savoured

  • Ibrik @Home

    This variety will render your ritual of morning Turkish coffee cup an elegant one

  • Cialda @Home

    Fusion of art and technology, inspiration and knowledge

  • Mexico Finca Xicote

    As if made for the afternoon indulgence in elegance

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain

    This is a coffee for hedonists

  • Colombia Supremo

    This coffee is a reliable choice when you want to impress someone

  • Brazil Topacio

    The right coffee for those sleepy mornings when your duties and obligations pull you out from bed

  • Ethiopia Sidamo

    This is a coffee for adventurers and those who value extravagance

  • Coffee Cream Liqueur

    Coffee Liqueur is cooled before consumption. It can be mixed with espresso or added to cocktails for density and fullness of flavour

  • Coffee Liqueur

    Coffee Liqueur makes a perfect beverage to serve after a meal. It is also an ideal cocktail ingredient.