Coffee Skills Program

Knowledge attuned to every stage of your career.

Specialty coffee is the product of a diversified industry. We can help you to develop a passion for coffee and to perfect your coffee skills.

Coffee Skills Programme (CSP) enables you to choose the education which corresponds with your interests and needs.


6 modules
3 stages
1 diploma

The programme consists of six different modules. Besides the Introduction to Coffee, there are five specialist modules: Barista, Brewing (coffee preparation), Green coffee, Roasting, Sensory (the art of coffee tasting).

Each of the specialist modules is available at three different levels, with a defined number of points attached to each respective level. Choose the module that suits your interest and needs.

Once you collect 100 points, you will be rewarded a diploma for coffee preparation, known as the SCA Coffee Skill diploma.

3 stages

Each stage earns you points

The Specialty Coffee Association Diploma requires 100 points.

  • Foundation level

    Foundation level

    This level enables you the first contact with a particular coffee discipline and provides you with the best overview of a particular module, helping you to decide whether you want to proceed with your coffee education.

    The Foundation level modules require no previous knowledge or experience.

  • Intermediate level

    Intermediate level

    This level is suitable for those who already work in the coffee industry or in other fields encompassed by the module and possess a solid knowledge of basic skills. 

    The intermediate level is recommended for those who already possess working experience with coffee.

  • Professional Level

    Professional Level

    This level is recommended for those who want to perfect their specialist knowledge at a high level. Success at this level guarantees the employee’s working competence. This level requires both extensive and relevant previous knowledge and experience.

    Designed for those who've already completed the Intermediate level of a particular module.


Pricing of courses and certificates

Pricing of courses and certificates

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