Love for coffee kicks hard.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who decided to produce only the coffee that incites the strongest of feelings.

Hug&Punch Coffee Co. is the first enterprise in this part of Europe that brought together three coffee-chain roles by becoming the supplier of the finest coffee origins, the supreme quality micro-roasting plant, and the best educational centre.

Love the game. Respect for the players.

The basic of our enterprise is mutual respect. We are dedicated to sustainability and total appreciation of the needs of every individual included in the coffee-chain process – from the farmers who produce our coffee beans to the people enjoying our coffee. We strongly believe that together we can develop a coffee culture for everyone's enjoyment.

Training centre

SCA Premier Campus

In collaboration with experts from all around the globe and with Specialty Coffee Association we have opened the best centre for the education of baristas in this part of Europe.

Apply for workshops lead by Domagoj Trusić, the leader of our educational centre and perfect your skills, whether you are a barista, f&b manager, bar owner, or simply a coffee aficionado.

Nikola Žiganto

Founder, project manager, and coffee taster

Nikola began working with coffee as a child, in his family roasting plant. He worked on all coffee-related jobs: preparation, tasting, buying, selling, roasting, and creating his own blends. He was educated in Italy, France, and Netherlands and became one of the most renowned Croatian coffee tasters and promoters. He won 7th place at World Cup Tasters Championship, London, 2010. Besides being a founder and manager of our ambitious project, Nikola is also the most rigorous critic of our cups. 

Domagoj Trusić

Educational centre manager, food and beverage specialist, specialty coffee promoter, a consultant for tailor-made projects

Domagoj has been pursuing coffee business for over 10 years. Somewhere along that path it became his life mission, as he acquired a Specialty Coffee Association licence and became an authorized coach for all the educational modules, acquiring an SCA Coffee diploma. While educating baristas, coffee students in general as well as coffee aficionados, he wishes to promote the fruit of our business, COFFEE itself. When it comes to our centre, his “baby“  is  Hug&Punch coffee that was designed - in his own words - to “evoke the strongest of feelings“.