1. Introduction

Hug&Punch Ltd. processes and protects the personal data of its Buyers (End Users) and www.hugandpunch.com visitors under the valid regulations regarding personal data protection.

According to The General Data Protection Regulation in the EU, personal data are single or the group of data that unambiguously refer to a specific individual, determining or enabling the determination of that individual’s identity.

Below you will find information concerning the way we handle personal data collected from our website users, consumers, buyers, participants in educational workshops, and similar activities, which data are collected via this website or in any other manner.

2. Online registration

Personal data we are collecting depend on the following factors: type of service we provide to our buyers, users, or clients (hereinafter: Users), the intention of the aforementioned Users to use our services, the type of contract we enter with Users, as well as the Users’ intention to exercise their rights based on laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data.

Users’ personal data submitted to the processing manager (Hug&Punch Ltd.) are given adequate data masking that is used for registration. Personal data submitted by Users are collected and stored for exclusive internal usage i.e. for the purposes of the tasks executed by the processing manager.

We collect the following data::

  • basic personal data (name and surname)

  • basic contacts (address, phone, email)

  • data connected to using www.hugandpunch.com

  • data connected to using Hug&Punch webshop

  • other personal data necessary to exercise User’s rights based on the legal provisions concerning consumer protection

The processing manager can demand a transfer of data to one or more executives who also use the said personal data for internal purposes, otherwise attributable to the processing manager’s role.

Hug&Punch Ltd. is authorized to use User’s personal data to offer its products and services, organize giveaway and other competitions as well as educations, to improve advertisement and promotion, analyze usage of its website, improve the offer of its products and services and learn about User’s experience with third parties.

Some data are collected automatically through cookies. Learn more about cookies in section: Tracking data – cookies and web analytics.

Data processing encompasses the actions of collection, recording, storing, review, detection, transfer, or destroying the data. The principles of processing implemented by Hug&Punch Ltd. include lawfulness, honesty, and transparency in processing, limiting the purpose, reduction of data amount, data accuracy, limitation of storage, integrity, confidentiality, and reliability.


Accessing our website is free and does not require registration. In case you wish to receive our newsletters with offers, web contents, giveaway, and other competitions, you can choose to simply submit your email address through the registration form, following which you will receive an email confirmation of your newsletter subscription, requiring two-step authentication before we send you the first newsletter. This procedure is used to confirm whether the email owner is agreeing to receive the newsletter. Personal data collected during the newsletter subscription registration process will be used exclusively for sending our newsletter.

If you wish to receive personalized content to your email, you have to submit your personal data, that is - give your consent stating that you wish us to adjust newsletter contents to your interests, age, and sex. To this aim, you need to submit your personal data, including name, surname, date of birth, sex, and interests.

In administering registrations and sending newsletters, Franck d.d. uses Mailchimp, whose Privacy Policy can be found at MailChimp / Privacy Policy. Mailchimp records the opening of the newsletter, along with clicked links, to get statistical data on which part of the newsletter is of interest to the recipients.

You can cancel your newsletter subscription at any moment by choosing the option of withdrawing your consent that is available within a newsletter you've received. You can also send an email at our contact for the issues of privacy and protection of personal data at info@hugandpunch.com. The withdrawal of the said consent does not in any way influence the lawfulness of data processing before the moment of withdrawing the consent. Newsletter subscription is optional and no individual bears consequences in case of not giving consent or in case of withdrawing the consent for the subscription.

In case User withdraws his subscription consent, said User will no longer receive our newsletter, Email addresses related to the unsubscription of newsletter remain on our mailing list no longer than 5 years from a day of unsubscription, due to the legal obligation that Franck d.d. has in regard to proving the observance of legal duties and obligations.

Educational programmes

We organize various educations within our business system. All data collected in connection with our educational programmes are processed exclusively for that purpose. Participation in our educational programme requires Users to submit name, email, phone number, and address. Occasionally, we will require other information.

Registration at www.hugandpunch.com gives User a possibility to apply for education without submitting data necessary when applying for educations.

Data collected concerning the educational programmes will be processed by Hug&Punch Ltd. exclusively for that purpose. If User subscribed to our newsletter on the application form for educational programmes, User can still unsubscribe at any moment by choosing the unsubscription option within the newsletter or by contacting our service for privacy policy and data protection at info@hugandpunch.com.

Complaints and claims

Hug&Punch Ltd. website contains forms and information that enable quick electronic contact at info@hugandpunch.com.

If User contacts the processing manager or executive via email or contact form, his submitted personal data are stored and processed exclusively to provide the information that was asked in the first place. Personal data necessary for solving complaints and claims regarding our products and/or services are kept for 12 months from the date we have received them, under the laws and regulations on consumer protection.


When shopping at www.hugandpunch.com webshop you will be asked to submit certain personal data enabling the shopping and services. Submitting personal data to this purpose is a contractual obligation. Failure to do so will affect the proper execution of Contract or even disable its implementation.

We need your personal data (name and surname, delivery address, phone number, and email) to deliver the product you have ordered at www.hugandpunch.com webshop.

Legitimate access to Buyer's data that include name, surname, and delivery address will be provided to these postal services who have a contract with Hug&Punch Ltd. regarding the delivery of products ordered at www.hugandpunch.com webshop.

Hug&Punch Ltd. does not record or store your credit card number or transaction data. When charging credit cards, Hug&Punch Ltd. uses the third-party service provided by an authorized bank that protects all personal data through encryption.

3. User Rights

At any given moment, User can ask us to provide the information on processing his/her personal data and further demand to exercise the following rights:

  • right to access personal data

  • correcting or supplementing personal data to ensure data is always updated and correct

  • erasing the personal data (unless there are justified reasons to store data)

  • limitation of processing the personal data, such as in the case when the accuracy of personal data is refuted and check is needed

  • withdrawal of consent for processing the personal data (e.g. newsletter subscription)

4. Data Tracking – Cookies and web analytics

A cookie is an information stored on your computer by the website you’ve visited. Cookies cannot access data on your computer or read cookies from other websites. We use cookies to collect additional anonymous data concerning your visits to our website to improve our website contents. By using our website you consent to cookies needed for the website’s proper functioning. This website uses several kinds of cookies to collect anonymous data regarding your visit to accordingly adjust the rendering of other services’ contents. We use the following cookies:
user cookies: short term (used for every adjustment of content to the website visitor)
cookies of other web services:_g* (Google Analytics short term cookies used for web traffic statistics)
cookies of other services: SID* (YouTube, long term cookies, used for displaying videos)
cookies of other services: datr* (Facebook, long term cookies, used for the display of fan contents within web site).

5. Privacy Policy Contact Service

Processing manager for privacy policy and data protection, correction and erasure of personal data can be reached at info@hugandpunch.com

Under the valid legal provisions that regulate personal data protection, each demand/query will be answered as soon as possible, not later than 30 days from the receipt.