General Provisions and Definitions

Hug&Punch Ltd., Matulji, 35 Cesta Dalmatinskih brigada St., Tax. No.: 97997410614 (hereinafter: Hug&Punch) applies the following general provision and definitions to regulate the usage of this website and webshop.

These general provisions prescribe conditions that concern using of any and all parts of our digital platform.
Website ( denotes all webpages owned by Hug&Punch Ltd. Website user (hereinafter: User) is any natural person that accesses the website as either registered or non-registered member.
Website contents are the sole intellectual property of Hug&Punch.

Website Access

The website can be accessed freely, without registration.
Registration on the website presumes a procedure of the creation and verification of user profile (hereinafter User Profile).

User Profile is created by submitting data through the form available on the website, as regulated by Privacy Policy. After creating his User Profile, User will receive a verification email enabling the completion of the registration process.

The right to use the website and user account is not transferable to other natural persons or legal entities. User has personal responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of the password and other data related to accessing the website.

User will accept all the terms and provisions stipulated by this General Terms of Use, as well as all other rules, policies, and procedures that will be published on our website or other webpages owned by Hug&Punch Ltd., each of which is linked (referenced) and each of which can be altered and/or supplemented at any time by Hug&Punch Ltd.

These General Terms of Use will be applied to all Users of, including without limitation Users that have contributed to content creation, gathering information, and other materials and services at our website.

By registering at User assumes sole responsibility for all the activities effected through his/her user profile, as well as ensuring the confidentiality of the password and other data. User will inform Hug&Punch Ltd. without delay on any unauthorized use or unauthorized access to his/her User Profile at /p>

Using of Digital Platform

Using the website includes, without limitation, using all services provided by Hug&Punch Ltd. via its website, all the parts of its website, all of its products along with the rendering of all the contents that are presented, realized, or distributed via website.

The following is forbidden when using

  • creation of user account for another person
  • using the user name of another person with the intent of fraudulent misrepresentation
  • using the user name or User Profile that is owned by any other person
  • using the user name that is insulting or using any other name that is inadequate or illegal;
  • unauthorized usage of copyright, licensing rights, patents, seals, or other intellectual property as well as revealing the content that is marked as confidential according to the particular regulation
  • submitting, stating, or transmitting untruthful and/or inaccurate information
  • stating or transmitting the threatening, insulting, disturbing, defamatory, derogatory, misleading or vulgar content, content that insults others' privacy or content that contains or describes nudity, sexual activities or pornography, incites intolerance, discrimination, violence or disseminating content that is in any other way defined as inappropriate under the discretionary appraisal by Hug&Punch Ltd.
  • stating or transmitting content that represents unauthorised or unwanted advertisement (junk, bulk e-mail, spam, “auto-responders“ and other), using of manual or automatic software, devices, and other processes with the aim of disturbing or disabling the regular functioning of the website  (crawlers, spiders, harvesting, and other)
  • any kind of advertising, selling, and promotional activities that are are contrary to the interests of Hug&Punch, except when in possession of the previously acquired written consent from Hug&Punch to do so
  • undertaking any actions that lead towards the creation and distribution of computer viruses (including without limitation any sort of codes, scripts, files, worms, logic bombs, or programmes) whose aim is to disable, damage, limit or disturb the regular functioning of any element of the website (including without limitations software, hardware, and telecom infrastructure), or to damage and/or enable unauthorized access to any system, data, password and/or other information related to Hug&Punch Ltd. website, partners of Hug&Punch Ltd. or any other third party beneficiary
  • disturb or attempt to disturb a regular work of website or any website operation;
  • engage in any actions that present an unreasonable or disproportionally large burden for the website's hardware base
  • bypass the measures that Hug&Punch Ltd. can apply to prevent or limit access to the website that is to other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to the website;
  • change, adjust, reproduce, distribute, translate, publicly showcase, publish, repurpose, sell or in any other manner use services and contents of Digital Platform contrary to the General Terms of Use
  • decipher, decompile, deconstruct, engage in reverse engineering, or, in any other manner, run any source code or algorithm related to any part of the website
  • use website in a manner which is any way contrary to the valid laws and regulations of The Republic of Croatia, or in a manner that violates the said laws and regulations
  • undertake actions that in any way represent a violation of General Terms of Use.

In accord with this General Terms of Use, every registered and unregistered User of the website has a right to use the contents of the website solely for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Hug&Punch Ltd. does not guarantee the availability of any content accessible via website. Hug&Punch Ltd. doesn’t have to control the content of the website but retains the right to – at any moment and without prior notice – remove any content that is not in accord with General Terms of Use and/or to unable User the access as well as to erase the User Profile belonging to the author or distributor of such illicit content.