Sales Conditions

Sales conditions define the procedures concerning the placing of orders, payment, delivery, and return or customer complaints concerning the products offered at

General Terms and Conditions

Supplier (Seller) of the products is Hug&Punch Ltd., 35 Dalmatinskih brigada St, Matulji, Croatia. The Buyer is any individual that orders minimally one product from the Seller’s webshop.

The Contract between Buyer (End User) and Hug&Punch Ltd. regarding buying of minimally one product or service is a one-off contract that is deemed to be fulfilled upon delivery of product or service by Hug&Punch Ltd. on one side and the payment effected by End Buyer on the other side, in case the Contract is not terminated beforehand.

The Contract becomes valid and binding from the moment when Buyer accepts an offer from Hug&Punch Ltd, by selecting the mode of payment and by finalizing the order as the registered user of the webshop.

Hug&Punch Ltd. reserves the right to change, annul (temporary or permanently) any element, product, service, or content offered at without prior notice or approval, applying the good business practices in the process.

Registration and responsibility of Buyer (End User)

Terms and conditions of sale, as well as the terms and conditions of use, along with confidentiality declaration, have to be accepted by Buyer during the electronic registration at as this presents conditions for placing an order. During the registration process, Buyer (End User) submits personal data that will be processed by Hug&Punch Ltd. under the provisions of the confidentiality declaration.

The users of products and/or services that are offered at are the registered users. Buyer (End User) is fully responsible for data submitted during the registration at regarding both accuracy and completeness.

During the process of registration or creating a user account, Buyer (End User) is obliged to submit accurate data (user name and email) and is further obliged to choose a password. Buyer (End User) has the obligation to safe keep data related to both password and user account.

Buyer (End User) is responsible for all the actions and orders that have been placed or executed under his user account.


Pricing of products and/or services offered at are stated in Euro (€UR) and include VAT. Prices are stated without shipping costs, as the latter will be visible once the order is confirmed.

At certain periods and its own discretion, Hug&Punch Ltd. will announce a discount sale of certain products and/or services at its webshop. These discounted products and/or services will be available to all Buyers (End Users) under the same terms and conditions, The latter shall be described in detail, including the reasons for and the duration of the discount sale, the available amount of particular articles, discount percentage, etc. Following the closure of the discount sale, Hug&Punch Ltd. will no longer accept orders under the discount sale terms and conditions, albeit under the terms and conditions attached to the said products and/or services.

Ordering products and services

The orders of products and services are placed at

The selected product or service will be placed in the shopping cart, whose content can be altered, including the change of amount or size. After one or more products have been selected, the shopping cart will display the option for finalizing the order. After Hug&Punch Ltd. confirms that the order has been paid, it will be delivered to the address submitted as a part of (Buyer) End User data.

Payment Methods

1. Credit Card Payments

Orders for products and/or services offered at will be charged as the one-time payment with the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard® and Maestro®.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

Our webshop uses CorvusPay – an advanced and maximally reliable Internet Payment Gateway service for credit card payments in webshops.

2. Internet banking

After selecting this payment method, Buyer (End User) will receive an email requesting order confirmation and containing all the data necessary for effecting the payment. Buyer (End User) can pay via Internet banking or by any other method such as bank transfer, postal money transfer, etc. Upon receipt of payment, Hug&Punch Ltd. will dispatch the ordered product at the provided address.

3. Cash on delivery

Payment to deliverer upon takeover of goods.

Payment Security

Our webshop uses CorvusPay – an advanced and maximally reliable Internet Payment Gateway service for card payments in webshops.

  • Verified by Visa
  • Mastercard SecureCode
  • CorvusPay

CorvusPay ensures the total security of your card details, starting with filling up the CorvusPay payment form. Coded payment data are transferred from your Internet browser to your Credit Card Company or Bank. During this entire process, our webshop is never in contact with your credit card integral data. Your credit card data are not accessible to CorvusPay workers. The isolated CorvusPay core system independently transfers and manages sensitive data, ensuring their security in the process.

The form for submitting the payment details is secured by the SSL code of the highest grade. All stored data are additionally protected by coding done by a cryptographic device that is certified according to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay satisfies all the demands of secure online payment prescribed by leading credit card houses, as well as by the norms of PCI DSS Level 1, which presents the highest security standard in the credit card industry. During the payment with credit cards within a 3-D secure programme your bank will confirm the validity of your credit card, as well as your identity that is ascertained via token and password.

Corvus Info regards all the collected data as a bank secrecy issue and treats them accordingly. This information is used exclusively for the designated purpose. Your personal data are completely safe, and their privacy is guaranteed by state-of-the-art protection mechanisms. We collect only the data necessary for doing business, under prescribed and demanding procedures of online payment.

Security controls and operational procedures applied to our infrastructure ensure real-time reliability of the CorvusPay system. Besides, by maintaining strict access control, regular security follow-up, in-depth checks to prevent network vulnerability, and planned implementation of regulations concerning information security, CorvusPay permanently maintains and advances the system's security levels, protecting your credit card data.


Delivery inside Croatia takes 3 to 7 days from the moment of receiving your order i.e. payment confirmation.

The shipping cost for all orders up to 35 € (264 HRK) is 4.65 € (35 HRK). Shipping is free for all the orders above 35 €.

Shipping is free in Zagreb and the wider urban area of Rijeka.

Complaints and Claims

Each ordered product is packaged in a manner to prevent damage caused by handling and transport. Every Buyer (End User) is obliged to check the parcel during a takeover. In case Buyer (End User) ascertains that the delivered parcel has visible damages or other defects, we recommend that Buyer (End User) refuses to take over the parcel due to the possibility of damaged goods inside the parcel.

Upon Buyer’s (End User’s) refusal to take over the parcel, postal service will return the parcel to Hug&Punch Ltd., with a note that parcel is damaged.

All the complaints and claims related to deficiencies and damages should be mailed at:

a) Email:

b) Adress:
Hug&Punch d.o.o., Cesta dalmatinskih brigada 35, 51211 Matulji, Croatia

In case the returned parcel is damaged, we shall contact Buyer (End User) and arrange the procedure of reimbursement of payment to Buyer's (End User’s) account or send a new parcel without defects.