Each specialist module can be attended on three different levels, and each earns you a certain number of points.

Select the module that suits your interest and needs. Once you collect 100 points you will be awarded a diploma for coffee preparation (SCA Coffee Skill diploma).

Learn all about the journey of coffee from its origins in Ethiopia to become one of the bestselling commodities in the world today. The module will walk you from growing cherries through grading, roasting, and finally brewing. This module provides a comprehensive overview of all the coffee-chain value factors.

Learn the practical skills every barista needs. Learn how to set the grinder, master the milk texturing techniques, and get familiar with latte art. The module also includes health and safety, customer service, and basic business practices.

Learn the various methods for brewing coffee and how the brewing variables affect coffee quality. This module provides hands-on insight into various grinding and brewing methods, measuring coffee strength, and charting the coffee's extraction.

Learn about the key concepts surrounding green coffee: production and processing of coffee cherries, grading, shipping, storage, arrival at the destination, all the way to green coffee buying contracts, and portfolio management.

Learn about the coffee roasting process: roast cycle, roast levels, identifying defects, the physical changes that coffee beans undergo during the roasting process. This module also provides knowledge regarding workspace management and lean production.

Learn all about the essentials of sensory evaluation in a manner that's both practical and interactive. This module explores the way we perceive what we taste, how to evaluate coffee’s natural characteristics, and how to implement this knowledge into business.


Pricing of courses and certificates

Pricing of courses and certificates

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